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The Impact of Patient Shadowing on Service Design: Insights from a Family Medicine Clinic

FREE DOWNLOAD A central tenet of patient-centered care is to truly and deeply understand how patients experience health care. One particular qualitative method, patient shadowing, holds the promise of seeing things through the patient’s eyes in real time. The purpose of this research is to utilize patient shadowing to capture the realities of patient experiences […]

Whose experience is it anyway? Toward a constructive engagement of tensions in patient-centered health care

Healthcare delivery faces increasing pressure to move from a provider-centered approach to become more consumer-driven and patient-centered. However, many of the actions taken by clinicians, patients and organizations fail to achieve that aim. This paper aims to take a paradox-based perspective to explore five specific tensions that emerge from this shift and provides implications for […]

Patient Ecosystem Management w/ FAU’s Andrew Gallan, Ph.D.

FREE podcast on connecting patient experiences to community well-being. https://www.buzzsprout.com/209791/1428874-patient-ecosystem-management-w-fau-s-andrew-gallan-ph-d Engaging a wider range of resources to connect patients with organizations within their community can help transform healthcare and improve overall well-being, according to new research published in the Journal of Business Research by faculty at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. The article, “Transforming Community Well-being Through […]

Transforming Community Well-Being through Patients’ Lived Experiences

Journal of Business Research https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0148296318306404 The purpose of this article is to (1) explicate micro-to-meso linkages of well-being, (2) provide a theoretical framework to guide research on connecting patient experiences to community well-being, and (3) offer guidelines to policymakers. We develop a conceptual framework establishing connections between micro and meso levels through the expansion of […]

Customer Experience Challenges: Bringing Together Digital, Physical and Social Realms

The purpose of this paper is to explore innovations in customer experience at the intersection of the digital, physical and social realms. It explicitly considers experiences involving new technology-enabled services, such as digital twins and automated social presence (i.e. virtual assistants and service robots). Future customer experiences are conceptualized within a three-dimensional space – low […]

Words Matter: What Is a Consumer?

Words matter. They convey our thoughts, they illuminate our understandings, and they can comfort or not. Many people use the word “consumer” in the context of health care without thinking about its meaning. I urge you to think more deeply and clearly about its meaning before you use it again. According to Miriam-Webster, a consumer […]