An Expert Advisor

Health care organizations take a scientific approach to most everything they do. However, many take a case-based or anecdotal approach to understanding and improving their patients’ experiences. Why not tap into the knowledge of an expert advisor who can bring an objective, scientific approach to patient experience issues?

Dr. Gallan’s expertise, training, and experience in helping health care organizations on their journey to being truly patient-centered is applied in a practical, pragmatic, yet meaningful way. His approach is based on applying:

  • Gap Model of Service Quality

  • Service Blueprinting

  • Employing In-Depth Research Methodologies

This overall framework allows Dr. Gallan to explore, define, and diagnose issues as well as identify solutions.

Dr. Andrew Gallan

President and CEO

Andrew S. Gallan (PhD, Arizona State University; MBA, University of Portland; BA, Colgate University) is an Assistant Professor of marketing at College of Business at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. Andrew is also Director, Center for Services Marketing and Management at FAU. He teaches graduate-level classes on Patient Experience (the first in the US) and Health Data Analytics. Andrew’s collaborations with a variety of health care organizations have resulted in support for teaching, research, and internship and career opportunities for his students. His research has appeared in the some of the top journals in his field, as well as in Patient Experience Journal and Issues in Mental Health Nursing. Andrew is a member of The Beryl Institute, where he is an Editorial Review Board member of PXJ, and the Association for Patient Experience.

Dr. Gallan has the depth to work well with organizations that are also engaging consultants in various capacities.

To view Dr. Gallan’s full CV:

“I’ve noticed that many patient experience professionals find case studies and best practices examples interesting, but have significant issues in understanding how to translate them into their own organization. If you need help navigating all the information you’ve received about improving the patient experience, Dignity in Action Inc. is the proper place to turn. I can provide you with research-developed and tested support for diagnosing issues, determining potential strategies, and developing tactics.”


Many health organizations have developed service recovery models to address family- and patient-related concerns. However, most models are incomplete as they don’t address the root causes of WHY things happen. Therefore, most service recovery programs are designed to mitigate patient dissatisfaction, a symptom of service failure. This is akin to providing palliative care. By applying the elements of Justice Theory, organizations can go beyond band-aid approaches and begin the process of curing service failure, by becoming a learning organization. To find out more about this approach, please contact Andrew S. Gallan, PhD at Dignity in Action, Inc.

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What People Are Saying

We have worked with Dr. Gallan and two of his student teams from his course Patient Experience & Service Design in the Winter quarter of 2015. Each team partnered with an adult inpatient department and developed recommendations on how to improve the score on one specific question in our Patient Satisfaction Survey. Both student teams were well prepared and well versed in the topics of Patient Satisfaction, HCAHPS and Press Ganey. We enjoyed working with the student teams and with Dr. Gallan as their professor. This was the first time we worked with student teams in the Patient Experience & Engagement Program and are looking forward to partnering with Dr. Gallan and his students again.

Sue Murphy, RN, MSExecutive Director at The University of Chicago Patient Experience and Engagement

[Dr. Gallan’s] course has been the most valuable and most applicable course I have taken during my time as an MBA Student at DePaul University.

While at University of Chicago Medicine, I still partner with Dr. Gallan and have mentored several students who take his course on Patient Satisfaction. Working with Dr. Gallan is a delight as he is an excellent communicator, offers great insights, has a great network, and his work is very applicable in the healthcare field. I can highly recommend Dr. Gallan as a partner to any healthcare institution and his course Patient Experience & Service Design to the students at DePaul University.

Andrés Valencia
Patient Experience and Engagement Program
The University of Chicago Medicine

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Gallan has successfully engaged audiences as a keynote speaker at company meetings, leadership development initiatives, and national conferences. He is able to speak about actionable items and tactics from what he has learned through his work with some of the world’s leading health care organizations.

Executive Education

Dr. Gallan’s teaching evaluations are among the best in his field. Andrew has taught Patient Experience for three years at the graduate level at DePaul University. Additionally, he has built a highly successful quarterly Health Sector Panel Series at DePaul. His experience and knowledge position him uniquely to be able to offer meaningful content to your health care team. Contact Dignity in Action, Inc. to explore potential offerings that will increase the skills of your health care staff.

Committee/Group Facilitation

If your organization is having issues with a particular issue, Andrew can jump-start your thought processes by facilitating discussion around frameworks that re-conceptualize the issue. By doing this, your team will be able to see new pathways for success.

Advising/Research Projects

Andrew advises executive leadership and committees on transitioning to a more patient-centered organization by engaging in mutually-beneficial projects. His expertise in big data analytics, observational research, and patient shadowing provides organizations with a robust view of the patient experience. These insights are translated into actionable plans and strategies for positive organizational change.