Learning from Patient Narratives for Human-Centered Design to Transform PX

Andrew Gallan, PhD, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Kellstadt Graduate College of Business at DePaul University, and Senem Guney, PhD, CPXP, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at NarrativeDx discuss the interplay between “Top Box” domain scores and patients’ comments in measuring patient experience. Dr. Guney shares her expertise in how to bring a mixed-methods approach (qualitative/quantitative analysis) to […]

Physician Transparency Requires Understanding Patients’ Comments

http://blog.narrativedx.com/physician-transparency-requires-understanding-patients-comments?utm_campaign=Thought%20Leadership%202017%20-%20Blog%20Post%2025&utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social This is a guest blog post by Andrew Gallan, PhD, a teacher, researcher, and adviser to organizations on designing services to improve patient experience. Now that over 50 healthcare organizations regularly publish patient evaluations of physicians on their public-facing websites (Ed Bennett Consulting 2017), transparency around physician ratings and reviews has become a growing focus in […]

How Home Health Can Achieve the ‘Wow Factor’ with Patients

How Home Health Can Achieve the ‘Wow Factor’ with Patients By Alana Stramowski | April 11, 2017 When home health providers think of the “patient experience,” high-quality care is likely what comes to mind first. In reality, physical care may just be one aspect of an outstanding patient experience. The real definition of patient experience can be beyond […]

Calculating and Understanding the Drivers of a Net Promoter Score in Health Care

The Beryl Institute Blog Series: http://theberylinstitute.site-ym.com/blogpost/947424/275365/Calculating-and-Understanding-the-Drivers-of-a-Net-Promoter-Score-in-Health-Care In 2016, Advocate Health Care, the largest health system in the Chicagoland area, integrated into its performance measures a Net Promoter-like score, which they call a Patient Loyalty Score (PLS). Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a valuable metric, and it has been adopted by many companies in almost every […]

Five Reasons Why Practices Should Track Their Net Promoter Score

Happy patients not only keep coming back, they also recommend your medical practice to their friends and family members. Five reasons why practices should track their Net Promoter Score

The Menagerie: Observations in a Waiting Room

Two years ago my 89-year-old father had minor surgery on his leg to remove a cancerous growth. The dermatologist had to scrape so many layers before eliminating diseased tissue that he recommended my father visit the wound care center to speed healing. In this organization, wound care was part of the Physical Therapy department on […]

Innovation at DePaul: Predictive Analytics for Health Care

Innovation at DePaul: Predictive Analytics for Health Care 6/1/2016 Twitter Facebook Google Plus What’s the practical value of big data in the health care industry?“It’s limitless,” says Raffaella Settimi (above), an associate professor in the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM). “The first objective among stakeholders—doctors, hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and pharmacies—is better patient […]

A Few Things I’ve Learned About What It Takes to Become a Patient-Centered Organization – Learning #4

Learning #4: Understanding the patient experience requires a strategic plan, the proper tools, and humility. Frameworks and tools exist to help organizations better understand their processes from the patient’s perspective, designed to help organizations strategize around improvement, innovation, and redesign to enhance quality, safety, and productivity. Implications: Understanding what your patients experience when they are […]

A Few Things I’ve Learned About What It Takes to Become a Patient-Centered Organization – Learning #3

Learning #3: Improving the patient and family experience cannot be distinguished from clinical care. Patient experience, safety, and quality are categories of care constructed by organizations which often serve to separate rather than to integrate processes. They are inter-related; we cannot affect one without impacting the other two. Implications: Watch what you say, and how […]

A Few Things I’ve Learned About What It Takes to Become a Patient-Centered Organization – Learning #2

A couple weeks ago, I covered why healthcare organizations shouldn’t make patient satisfaction their main goal.  This week, I’d like to focus on my second key point for becoming a Patient-Centered Organization: Learning #2: Caregivers should recognize that instead of having “difficult patients” they are treating patients in a difficult situation. At least that should be […]